Funding Policy

Club Policy with regards to funding members for travel or specific purposes:

In the event of a club member requesting funding to participate in national or international events the matter is negotiable between the member and the club committee.  The Club feels that opportunities should be negotiated between the member and the Club such that a mutually beneficial arrangement should be agreed on.

The following activities are considered suitable for fund raising:

  • Holding of a special event where entry fees are retained by the beneficiary.  It is expected that the beneficiary play a key role in the organisation and conducting of the event.
  • The beneficiary may wish to sell raffle tickets at a Club race.
  • The beneficiary may ask for sponsorship via a special effort e.g. riding a certain distance with sponsorship per kilometre.
  • Auctioning / selling equipment / clothing.
  • Any activity approved by the Club committee

In certain cases, where a junior team requires funding for such reasons as inter-state travel, the junior committee may organise an event but it is appropriate that the recipients participate in the activity.

In exceptional circumstances, the Club may approve an ex-gratia payment to the beneficiary but it is felt that relationships of mutual benefit are of greater long-term interest to the Club.  In the case of such supportive payments the Club’s policy is to discuss with the beneficiary ways in which such support can be returned to the club in terms of assistance with junior training, Sunday races or in promotional activities. 

Where such assistance is provided to a club member it becomes a confidential arrangement between the Club and the beneficiary and only non-specific details shall be provided to other club members.  

There is an expectation that where the club provides funding for the member to participate in a national/international event, that the member wears club kit for all events for which funding is provided.


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