The Gold Coast Cycling Club encourages active member participation and are grateful to all our volunteers who contribute to the success of the club on a regular basis.  Please contact these committed volunteers directly if you are available to assist them with any of the following duties at club events:


Club Clothing Sales email: gccyclingclub@gmail.com


Club Coaching / Junior Training


First Aid Officers email: gccyclingclub@gmail.com

  • Luke Lucas
  • Helen Griffiths 


Cub Commissaires / Race Officials


Members are encouraged to assist in the promotion of the club's success by:

  • Wearing the club kit with pride and behave responsibly and respectfully towards all other riders
  • Sharing CATS Facebook page updates regarding upcoming races, results and website links with your friends/groups
  • Reporting club members achievements including photos and results from CQ and CA Open events to gccyclingclub@gmail.com 

Organisational Assistance

Members can also assist the club in the following ways:

  • Bring the correct race fee to club races
  • Submit requests for grading changes to the club handicapper in advance (i.e. prior to club races)
  • Encourage a friend to join the club
  • Renew your annual membership
  • Thank the volunteers that make our club the best in Queensland