2013 National Masters Track Champion

Gold Coast CATS Cycling Club
Published: Apr 19, 2013 02:00:28 PM Updated: Apr 27, 2013 03:47:05 PM

2013 National Masters Track Champion

The temperatures were a scorching 36.7 degrees in Perth and inside the velodrome the heat was magnified providing a very fast track. The 10km scratch race had a small but classy field including talented enduro road riders making it an aggressive race. Steve and three other sprinters were constantly attacked by the main field every 3 or 4 laps over the 40 lap distance.  Steve said "it came down to a bunch finish and I made my move a lap and a half out and never looked back".  This was Steve's first Australian medal.

The second event was the 1000 sprints where Steve went through to the sprint rounds as the fastest qualifier with a time of 11:48. Steve said, "my goal was to eliminate my competitors one by one through the best of three heats which I acomplished in straight sets and then rode off for the Gold/Silver.  This was by no means easy as I was pushed to the limits in both ride offs."  Steve went on to win his second Australian medal, another gold.

The final event was the 1000 metre time trial or kilo as it's also known. Steve says, "I have never felt comfortable or confident with this event however, I was better trained and prepared by my coach, Aidan Grimes who gave me the guidance and reassurance I needed to succeed."

When Steve approached the line with his bike already in the gate, little did he know his competitor on the opposite side of the track had already mounted his bike. Steve said,  "when I got on mine the clock had already begun counting back from 30, I tightened my straps sat up and adjusted my helmet I looked up and had 12 seconds to go. Unfamiliar with gates, I actually false started and the gate never released me, I think I lost at least a second on my start gate blunder but never the less I was happy with my overall time, and I managed to finish in second place to win the silver medal".

Steve proudly claimed, "my two gold and one silver medal gave me sufficient points to also take out the Champion of Champions Title and Jersey, and to go into the CA history books."  

The club wishes to congratulate Steve on his fantastic results and acknowledge his dedication and effort that led him to this success.