2014 Mike Stout Memorial - A Success!

Gold Coast CATS Cycling Club
Published: Sep 7, 2014 03:57:59 PM Updated: Mar 21, 2016 01:14:44 PM

2014 Mike Stout Memorial!

The 2014 Mike Stout Memorial was a huge success! On behalf of the Stout Family and Gold Coast Cycling Club, a huge thank you to everyone who raced, spectated or volunteered at the 3rd Annual Mike Stout Memorial – proudly and generously sponsored by Mikes Bikes (1926 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami).

90 riders, 8 races and countless attacks up the infamous Nerang Criterium Hill made for some fantastic results:

U15 Boys
1st Lachlan Devine (Atom TR Racing), Gold Coast Goldstars CC
2nd Liam Jago, Gold Coast Goldstars CC

U17 Women
Amiel Cassidy, Gold Coast Goldstars CC

Women's C
1st Anna Booth, Lifecycle CC
2nd Jennifer McAnalen (CCC Sky High) Lifecycle CC
3rd Emily Cumming, Lifecycle CC
Prime: Amiel Cassidy 

Masters C
1st Scott Evans, Gold Coast Goldstars CC
2nd Alan Pang, Wynnum Redlands CC
3rd Brian Meade, CATS
Prime 1st: Kevin Justice (Atom TR Racing), Gold Coast Goldstars CC
Prime 2nd: Damian McKee, CATS

Women's A
1st Laurelea Moss, CATS
2nd Jenelle Crooks (QAS), CATS
3rd Julie Russell, (CCC Sky High) Lifecycle CC
Prime: Laurelea Moss

Women's B
1st Nicky Rolls, Balmoral CC
2nd Faye Goodyear, Lifecycle CC
3rd Saskia Deckers (Ashgrove Cycles), Hamilton Pine River Wheelers

U17 Men
1st Lachlan Huntley-Chipper (TDR), CATS
2nd Alex Clairs (HIT Racing Team), Balmoral CC
3rd Connor Reardon (Atom TR Racing), Gold Coast Goldstars CC
Prime: Lachlan Huntley-Chipper, (TDR), CATS

Masters B
1st Dan Huyghebaert (Bubbas Bikelab), CATS
2nd Brad Sayer, Lifecycle CC
3rd James Jackson (Koiled Tineli), Hamilton Pine River Wheelers
4th Steven Rooney (Steven Rooney Cycling), CATS
5th Michael Andrews, CATS
Prime A 1st: Michael Andrews, (CATS)
Prime A 2nd: Heath Fitzpatrick (CATS)

Elite Men C
1st Joe Kerrigan, Byron Bay CC
2nd Jordan Henderson McLennan, Gold Coast Goldstars CC
3rd Matthew Wynn, Kangaroo Point CC

Masters A
1st Matthew Zaranski (Cobra9 - Intebuild Cycling), Cyc'd CC
2nd Dugald McArthur (Cobra9 - Intebuild Cycling) Lifecycle CC
3rd Matthew Locker, Bikeline Racing
4th Matthew Ryan (Cobra9 - Intebuild Cycling), Moreton Bay CC
Prime A 1st: Matthew Zaranski
Prime A 2nd: Dugald McArthur

Elite Men B
1st Thomas Coates (Altitude Cycling), Ipswich CC
2nd Luke Pingel, CATS
3rd Joel Kite (Mipela Geosolutions - Altitude Cycling Team), Ipswich CC
Prime: Thomas Coates


Elite Men A
1st Ben Price, Sunshine Coast CC
2nd Adam Allen (Data#3 Symantec Racing Team), Kangaroo Point CC
3rd Lee Masters (Team Scody Down Under), Wynnum Redlands CC
4th Dave Brown (Data#3 Symantec Racing Team), Logan City CC
5th Dylan Sunderland, Lidcombe Auburn CC
Prime A 1st: Ben Price 
Prime A 2nd: Dave Brown 
Prime B 1st: Lee Masters 
Prime B 2nd: Ben Price

Special mention to Elite A rider, Liam McCarthy (Lifecycle CC) who fought hard for over 90 minutes with a nail-bitter finish for a 5th place payout, but Dylan Sunderland just had one last kick at the hill-top finish to take the cash. 

Finally, keep an eye out for the official photographs taken by ESi Sports Photography. Suffering from the flu but dedicated to capturing the moment for us, a big shout-out to Danny at ESi